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Kiera Ladner receives Fulbright

Kiera Ladner, an associate professor in Political Studies, has been made a Fulbright Scholar this year, and will be working from the University of Arizona to continue her research in the areas of constitutional law and community archival projects in the United States context.

Her work has continually dealt with the problems highlighted by existing literature on the topic of Indigenous politics and Indigenous studies at large, seeking to work in and for both communities of Indigenist scholars: those that are the ‘word warriors’, working with theoretical problems, and engaging communities to attempt hands-on solutions to problems facing these communities.

The work Ladner will do in Arizona will continue to build upon her existing program of research that has been undertaken in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, providing communities with access to important resources on the topics of Indigenous political and modern constitutions and constitutionality in Anglo-settler societies. The digital archives which Ladner has constructed through her Digital Archives and Marginalized Communities project seeks to promote the voices of Indigenous peoples and their responses within the archive itself, which she seeks to continue with her work in the United States through her Fulbright.

Ladner will undertake her Fulbright research at the University of Arizona this fall, and will return to the University of Manitoba in January 2018.

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