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Starting Home

July 29th, 2009 3 comments

We could not start for home without flying the Cabot Trail. We drove it many years ago and it is most beautiful. To macabot-trail-tip1ke a point we rounded the most northern tip of Cape Breton , so we really have been coast to coast, but if we were to be complete should really have kept going to Newfoundland. HMMM need more survivial gear than we can fit in the plane!. This will have to do.

We also flew over the Confederation Bridge, and circled PEI. Hard not to land and stay a week, but if the weather is consistent it may take us another week to get Home!bridge

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Pilots and Planes

July 29th, 2009 No comments

Thomas Thomas of Botterell Alberta is shown below with the Murphy Moose that he and his son built over 6 years. It is based on a kit designed and produced in Chilliwack BC. The wing was designed by the man who designed the wing for the famous  Canadian bushplane the Dehaviland Beaver. The Moose is powered by a 350 horsepower 9 cylinder radial engine designed and built in Russia . When you  look at the size of it you can see why they called it the “Moose”. It can carry  an amazing load.moose (it made the whole trip)

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Landing at Baddeck

July 29th, 2009 No comments

We landed at Baddeck the day we had planned to. We were in the pattern to land just as JohnLovelace was taking of so missed the ceremony by an hour and a half. Not quite the route we had planned but a great adventure. All the pilots and planes we found weather stayed in Sherbrooke made the trip successfully that day too, and I was really pleased because this represented a huge individual effort by a lot of people who had never flown in that area, and were not familiar with the weather patterns and the geography. In my opinion the real interesting stories were from these people, and hope they are told as well. SOme of their planes a pictured below in Sherbrooke


What did we expect and find?

  1. Dealing with weather.
  2. An incredibly beautiful and huge country that is mostly empty.
  3. A grand adventure.

Did not find?

  1. A single cohesive team.   It was a moveable feast with people joining and doing part of the trip, stopping and others joining later, many from Brampton. The group looked a little different at each location.
  2. A sense of beginning and ending. We are all dispersed but still flying, many of us halfway across the country to get home!!
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