About the Film Studies Program

The University of Manitoba Film Studies Program is one of the most comprehensive in Canada and offers a wide variety of courses.

Why study film?
As the major art form of the twentieth century, film is at the centre of a liberal arts education.  Much of what we know about our modern world comes from film or its related media — video and television.  Our ideas about the past, the present, the future, and about the differences between here and there are often cinematic.  One of the best ways to understand the world and better prepare ourselves to cope with its complexities is through the study of film.

Film is also a social, cultural, and historical document.  Because of this, film studies requires that a student participate in most of the great debates of the past one hundred years.  Thus it shares the concerns and approaches of courses of study as diverse as finance, history,  philosophy, political studies, psychology, sociology,  and women’s studies.

University of Manitoba, Faculty of Arts, Department of English, Film & Theatre

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