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Let’s Talk About Sex Work and the Law

On Wednesday, March 23, the University of Manitoba Women’s and Gender Studies Department and the University of Manitoba’s Womyn’s Centre presented an event at the Rudolph Rocker Cultural Centre to discuss the status of sex work and the law in Canada. First to speak was the evening’s chair, Dr. Shawna Ferris, a Professor of Women’s […]

Human Rights Film Festival

The Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties is proud to introduce Manitoba’s newest film festival and cultural event. The Human Rights Film Festival will be taking place in Winnipeg the week of March 21 and is sponsored by the Manitoba Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It will feature two films […]

U2011: Understanding the Manitoba Election

Civic engagement has reached a post-war low in Manitoba.  Voter turnout in the 2003 provincial election ebbed at 54.2 percent, recovering to just 56.8 percent in 2007.  Surveys indicate many non-voters feel alienated from the political system, or have other priorities on Election Day.  Among the disaffected, approximately six-in-ten report being too ill-informed about the […]

Critical Conversations: Indian Residential Schools, Truth and Reconciliation

Throughout the 2010-2011 academic year, a bi-weekly seminar series titled “Critical Conversations on Residential Schools, Truth and Reconciliation” will be held at the University of Manitoba. Karen Busby, organizer of the conference and chair of a panel on the IRS system, noted: “Universities have a critical role to play in the TRC’s process as we […]

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