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dancing from roof tops

Alright no real dancing but still some excellent news. Sungard reviewed the log files from Friday and Saturday and they all look good. Today I transferred over all the group/course tools files from June of last year (when we did the snapshot) to vulcan.

I am currently working with Sungard to resolve the odd issue with decreased admin access once logged into the portal. I still need to bring over the mb_topics table but once that is done I think we can open it up for testing.

Keep in mind the testing to be done is to confirm that the data present in the groups and courses is accurate. The testing is not for commenting on broken channels as we know that all custom channels we have developed will most likely be broken. There is one exception in that if a channel is not a custom channel (i.e. targetted content, or old school RSS) and it does not appear to have been migrated properly we need to know about it.

All feed back needs to be done via bugzilla, there is a new component called migration to track these issues in.

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