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Luminis and LDI Part 2

This morning I was able to take an extract from the production banner system and push into our test Luminis system all the terms and courses. This worked quite well and allowed me to move onto the next test. The creation of user accounts.

Modifying the extract parsing code to only forward on person data packets I have been able to create all the required messages in the JMS (approx 45K). As I previously had worked out the code to determine a UMnetID for a given person data object all that was left was to push those person objects with no UMnetID into a holding topic.

I created  a new topic for this purpose and fired up the interceptor code. It began determining UMnetID’s and sending them to the topic that Luminis subscribes to which then began producing user objets quite nicely.

However the ones that had no UMnetID although being sent to the holdign topic were not remaining there because there is no subscriber to that topic. As such the next goal will be to write the utility that will monitor the holding topic and periodically resend those data packets to the topic the interceptor will listen on.

For this reason I have stopped the interceptor for tonight and will start fresh in the morning. Once it is properly handling the person objects that need to be queued I will move on to the membership objects. There is no translation that needs to be done, but we do need to inspect the packets to see if the user exists in Luminis before sending it along. Probably should verify that the course is present as well before sending it along. These are both LDAP queries so nothing overly complex and should be quick to wrap up.

At this rate we can probably have testing early next week.

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