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A new login page

December 2nd, 2009 No comments

Over the last week or so we have been working on a new login page for JUMP. This post will explain some of the areas we were thinking of that has prompted this new design.

  • To help reduce the time needed for the login page to appear in your browser we have been able to reduce the overall amount of data downloaded by at least 50%.

    Windows Mobile 6 device

    Windows Mobile 6 device

  • We have also been able to reduce the number of remote files that would need to be loaded which helps reduce the overall network activity
  • The form fields for the username and password appear on the left side of the overall login form which allows small screen devices (PDAs, cell phones) to be able to login without a need of scrolling to the right
  • As a login page’s purpose is to allow a user to log into an application we have removed non essential content from the login page (except for the graphic which is used for some flair)
  • You can still login with either a UMnetID, Student #/PIN, or Employee #/Birth Date and to this end we will adjust the label for the password field to reflect the type of password(format) you need to supply based on what you are using as a Username
  • For news we will make use of a browser’s Auto Discovery of new feeds (RSS) to inform you about the news list. This way if all you want to do is log in we are not wasting your time by supplying you with news you do not want to read at that time.
  • We wanted to pick up on some of the design elements from the UofM site to help solidify the impression that we are part of the UofM. This is achieved by sharing the gold colour as well as the UofM logo and the footer across the bottom.

We plan to carry the work done in making the login page a leaner faster page into the rest of the JUMP.

Let us know if you like the new design by sending an e-mail to

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