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Luminis IV on RHEL 4

August 13th, 2009 No comments

In spring SUngard had announced that Luminis IV would be officially supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) 4. This was good news as the support for RHEL 3 which was the officially support Linux platform previously was about to dry up. As such we had a goal for our eventual move from Luminis III to Luminis IV to install Luminis IV on RHEL 4 as this should prove easier then upgrading the OS after the fact.

However we have had trouble in achieving this goal up until now. Today I had Ed reimage our RHEL 4 virtual machine ( and attempted another round of installing Luminis IV on it. It kept failing when it attempted to install the Java Enterprise System stack (calendar, directory, webserver, mail) with a return code of 50.

In examining the source code of the JES main install class error code 50 seemed to revovle around file I/O issues.Now up until this point I had been attempting to install Luminis IV onto a NFS partition, so on a long shot I decided to try and install it on the root file system. This almost worked except that we did not have enough disk space to achieve this goal. As such another call into Ed and the root file system gained an additional 5G.

This has allowed Luminis IV to be installed on RHEL 4. However this is not how we will want to leave it as we want to minimise the amount of software left on the OS disk. As such the next step will be to move this data over to the NFS partition and setup the symlink. This of course will be a job for another day.

I also will be placing some documentation into the wiki on how to install Luminis IV, with this rather important point present.

Student parking ready to move to next phase

June 24th, 2009 No comments

The student parking effort is progressing nicely with almost 3000 students signing up for the parking spot draw process.

Registration is closing early next week. A new bunch of code is going up onto JUMP to help with the next phases. This code should be in place in production on Friday morning.


Parking phases being finalized

June 3rd, 2009 No comments

We met with the Parking office yesterday and are now finalizing the Draw-hold, Draw and Notify phases. In each phase, a user may either:

  • see their draw process registration
  • see their status, if they are on the waitlist
  • be offered a chance to go on the waitlist

Some tweaking of the display is in process, and screen shots are going out to Parking once the changes are in place in development.


RSS Reader Update

May 26th, 2009 No comments

Finished creating the new tables to store the RSS and User data. Still need to test the set up though, I plan to do that tomorrow.
Created the Class that will handle most of the capabilities of the RSS Reader application, such as fetching feeds, formating data correctly for use with the UI application, etc.

Later parking phases ready in development

May 22nd, 2009 No comments

The parking channel will have to behave a little differently once the student parking registration phase is over. Work is almost complete in development to support the draw, draw-hold and notify phases. These phases come after the registration is complete and then, after the lottery process is run. We are getting ready for another demo of these phases for the parking office in early June.


Luminis III to Luminis IV progress

May 14th, 2009 No comments

A few weeks back we were successful in migrating a snapshot of the data stored in our Oracle database to the new schema design for Luminis IV. This was after many repeated failures over the past year. Unfortunately at the end of the process we discovered that the LDAP information (this is where a portion of the user’s data and course data is stored) was not successfully migrated. In talking with our vendor’s support line we were given a couple of choices.

At this point we are persuing one of the options but are too far out to be able to predict success.