Version 1.3.8 for Apple devices is now live!


The new apple update went live this morning.

It is supposed to fix the update crash bug that was identified with the previous release.

In testing on our devices today the app no longer crashes after it has been updated so I am considering this bug squashed!

Once again sorry to all the Apple users out there who have experienced the crashing, sorry for the inconvenience.





Over the course of UManitoba’s development I have been asked why there isn’t a version for Blackberry.

Blackberry development has proven to be a significant challenge on many levels. The principal reason for the delay of the UManitoba app for Blackberry OS 6/7 was because the app was so slow in testing that is was virtually unusable. We couldn’t release it.

With limited time, resources, a long “todo” list, a long list of challenges developing for the blackberry platform we chose to delay the release of the UManitoba app for Blackberry.

We have simply delayed the release. We understand our community dynamics with regards to devices used on Campus. The decision to delay the release was NOT an easy one but user experience is critical to the success of the UManitoba app and current iterations of the app for Blackberry are simply unacceptable.

We are reviewing our options to address this challenge and we hope that we’ll have a viable solution in the near future that will allow us to provide a Blackberry version sometime near the end of 2012.



UManitoba 1.3.8 update

The next update, 1.3.8, that is supposed to fix the bug where UManitoba crashes shortly after it is updated via the AppStore, has been slightly delayed.

The update was rejected by the Apple App Store because the Maps micro app did not carry the Google branding that is required. Ooops! My bad! Next time I will make sure that any and all branding requirements are properly met. That has been fixed and the app has been resubmitted for approval.

Hopefully it will go through and be available shortly.