iOS7 and the mobile app

iOS7 is due to be released to the masses on September 20th. I personally think the new operating system is very cool. However, this post is not about how amazing iOS7 is but rather how the current version of the mobile app works with iOS7.

In the lab we have an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad Mini with the latest pre-release build of iOS7 and UManitoba version 3.5.16 works well on that operating system with two exceptions.

  • if you login to Schedule and use the date picker, you will not see your courses. Use of the back and forward buttons works fine to view your schedule.
  • occasionally when searching for directions to a building on campus the app crashes.

The above two issues have been resolved in our latest build in development.

We hope to release an update to you no later then the end of September. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

For those of you who may not be upgrading to iOS7 straight away, our devices that have iOS6 installed can use the iOS7 version of the app without any issues.


Single sign on

I have been receiving feedback from users requesting we build into the app the capability for users to sign on once and be able to access all features that require a login. Those features are D2L, Grades, Schedule, Booklist and Student Email.

We haven’t implemented this feature, in part, due to privacy and security concerns. However, we have added this feature request to our todo list and will be looking into possible solutions.