Student email and the UManitoba mobile app

Just thought I would comment about the integration of student email into the mobile app.

Integrating student email into our mobile app is not a simple task. When we decided to do it we had a few options.

  1. We could try to write our own client within the mobile app that students would use to interact with their email accounts at the university. This would be a big project by itself let alone all the work we typically have to do during the development of each mobile app iteration. Essentially we would have to write our own outlook client from scratch! Not realistic.
  2. We could provide information on how to set up a mobile device to access student email from within a students email client of choice, which we did prior to version 2.5  of the mobile app.
  3. We could create a simple view which points the student to the mobile version of the new student live 365 email portal.

We decided to implement option #3, this way students can access their email from within UManitoba without having to exit the app, which is what was requested by students.

Today, this remains the best option.

To configure a mobile device to load email into common mobile email clients see the two pages below.

see this page for Apple Products

see this page for Android products

We may add this information into the Email micro-app within UManitoba as well in the near future so students are presented with a couple of options.

The student email feature within the mobile app has been one of the top 3 features in the mobile app since we added it in the summer of 2013.