UPDATE – Issue with Student not being able to login to the mobile app.


We have been working very hard on this issue and we think we have solved the mobile server congestion issues that is the root cause of students not being able to login to the mobile app.

We are still experiencing intermittent delays with being able to login to the mobile app but not near as bad as last Friday or earlier this week.

To help improve connection capability further I have added a couple of tweaks to the mobile application. I have submitted the new version to Apple and I have asked Apple to expedite the approval process so that we can get this updated version into students hands ASAP.

So the new app may be live on the Apple App Store as early as later today or as late as late next week :(. Hopefully they will approve the expedite request.

Android version should be live by early this afternoon.

We are continuing to monitor the server congestion situation and will continue to take any necessary action to improve through put.





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