The features that require a login are for students.


Recently a few users have tried to login to the app who are not students and were presented with a “not authorized” message.

The features that do require a login are for students only. The “Courses” feature is the only feature in the app that requires a login. Courses contains information on a Students Schedule, final grades, final exams, course history and booklist.

For the next update of the mobile app we have improved the login user interface to hopefully make it more clear that the login screen is for students only. We have also improved the error messaging to hopefully provide a more informative response to our users who may have failed to login and why.

Thanks to everyone for supporting our app and all the feedback that I have received.



Student login to the mobile app.


There have been quite a few emails lately regarding allowing students to remain logged into the mobile app rather then having to login all the time.

I understand your frustrations with having to constantly login to the app in order to check your information. The University has expressed security and privacy concerns that revolve around allowing students to remain logged in for long periods of time or indeed indefinitely.

We are identifying and evaluating options to resolve those concerns. Once we find a potentially viable solution it will take some time to get approval from the University to implement the solution.

Currently the “system” is designed to allow students to remain logged into the app for up to one hour at a time.

Student information privacy and security is of paramount importance to us, the 1 hour time limit is the best we can offer for now.


Dave Cooke


Version 5.0 of the UManitoba mobile app.


Its been out for about 3 weeks so I thought I would do a quick write up of the changes for this version. Essentially its been completely re-designed and modernized. Our goal was to simplify the user interface and make the key features students used most more efficient to use and easier to access. We streamlined navigation, put more popular features in easier to access locations within the menu.

Some key improvements are;

  • Schedule provides students with their schedule for up to two weeks in a very easy to navigate user interface. They no longer just get just the current days schedule.
  • Grades shows students their entire academic history in an easy to scroll user interface and its much¬†faster then previous versions.
  • We added a *new* Course list feature which shows future courses students are enrolled in as well as past courses.
  • Schedule, Grades, Courselist, Exams and Booklist are viewed by one click rather then having to surf all over the app to find that content. The *new* Courses feature shows all of this content in one easy to navigate user interface.
  • Exams provide more details for students and the interface is better organized.
  • We simplified the feature set for the mobile app and removed features that were not used. This reduces the clutter and hopefully will make finding features easier.
  • We chose to move from an icon based desktop like home screen to a more modern menu style. Key features are located at the top of the menu for easy access. The new menu style will make it easier for students with visual disabilities from expanding the font size of the menu thus improving their app experience. With the current app, students with visual impairments had to go into settings and change the desktop appearance to a menu view in order to be able to use the app.
  • Maps is now using a new mobile web application¬†with a fresh new look and feel. It is still in Beta.
  • Transit, another “face lift” and many feature improvements.

We also re-wrote the server that the mobile app connects to to retrieve student data and login with. This improves performance of the app by improving response times between the app and the mobile server considerably. This new architecture also improves stability of the mobile server so there should be less crashes, hopefully none, unlike the old system. Its also much easier to write new web services for the mobile app to access as well as maintain overall.

We think this is our best version yet and puts us in a great position for improving the application going forward.

I look forward to continuing to improve upon this version and hopefully finding new features that will add value to students.







We fixed it!

Finally the issues that we have been experiencing with the new mobile server seem to have been solved. The server is stable, communications between the server and our database is good and there are no more bottlenecks.

Students should be able to login to the app normally and their Courses feature should show all their student data quickly and efficiently. Yippee!

Thanks to all the IST departments that helped troubleshoot this problem.




UPDATE – student login issue


Sooooooo the goods news is the login issue has been solved. Students should now be able to easily login to the mobile app with their UMnetID’s.

However we now have a new problem and that is during peak times (during the day mostly) when students login they are not seeing any data in the Courses feature.

Well it has taken us a bit longer then anticipated to figure out where and what in the communications pipeline is breaking down.

As of last Friday, November 27th, we think we have isolated the problem and we are now working on fixing it. The fix is going to require a few teams to get the patch completed so I anticipate the update may be moved into production, hopefully, by the end of the week.

My apologies go out to students trying to use the app to get information on their courses, books, grades and exams.




UPDATE – Issue with Student not being able to login to the mobile app.


We have been working very hard on this issue and we think we have solved the mobile server congestion issues that is the root cause of students not being able to login to the mobile app.

We are still experiencing intermittent delays with being able to login to the mobile app but not near as bad as last Friday or earlier this week.

To help improve connection capability further I have added a couple of tweaks to the mobile application. I have submitted the new version to Apple and I have asked Apple to expedite the approval process so that we can get this updated version into students hands ASAP.

So the new app may be live on the Apple App Store as early as later today or as late as late next week :(. Hopefully they will approve the expedite request.

Android version should be live by early this afternoon.

We are continuing to monitor the server congestion situation and will continue to take any necessary action to improve through put.





Issue with students not being able to login to the new version of the mobile app


We are currently experiencing a problem with the new mobile server that our new student mobile application uses to connect students to the course information.

Students may experience difficulties logging into their app or delays in obtaining their data within the Courses feature if they are successful with authentication.

We hope to have this issue resolved within the new couple of days.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.





Transit bug in version 4.2.24


There is a bug in the Transit feature of the UManitoba mobile application version 4.2.24 which causes the Transit app to not display any transit information at all.

We have fixed this issue and the update will be live later today in the Apple app store. It is already live in Google Play. The updated version is 4.2.25 or higher.

The new update also has updated content for the Awards feature and some minor updates the Student feature.

Please update to the latest version.



Dave Cooke


version 4.1 released


Version 4.1 was released today.

– *new* Student searchable Awards feature. Students can search for a wide variety of awards, look at award details and send an email list of awards of interest.

– *new* New Student Checklist feature to help students prepare for the start of their University career.

– update to My Exams. There is now an indicator if an exam time and date has changed.

– miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes