The UManitoba mobile application is a student centric mobile application built for mobile devices that use Google’s Android operating system or Apple devices.

Our main goal is to provide features that are task oriented, interactive, high value (useful) and accessible.

Initially we wanted to build as many features as we could. Nothing was off the table, just build lots of features. Now that the app is maturing (as of this writing version 5.x) our strategy has changed from building anything to building features that meet the goal described above. Features that are truly useful and perform a valuable function for students.

As of version 5.x, released Nov 2015 the key features of the app are…

  • Courses – Grades (ability for students to view their grades)
  • Courses – Schedule (view their current schedule and locate classes)
  • Courses – My Exams (view their exams, locations, dates, changes)
  • CoursesBooklist shows a students list of books for courses registered.
  • Courses – Courses shows all the courses a student has taken or is enrolled in.
  • Transit (real time bus arrival information to any campus and any busstop. Plan a trip anywhere in winnipeg and see step by step directions)
  • UMLearn (access to our learning management system portal website)
  • Student Email (mobile website)
  • Searchable awards database (search for any and all awards available for students)
  • New Student Checklist
  • Campus Directory

Other notable features are..

  • Settings (students can customize their home screen, change font sizes, set defaults for transit)
  • UMFM, student can listen to a wide variety of music and listen to the radio.
  • Maps, find points of interest, view layers and keyword search
  • Aurora, login to the aurora student portal website
  • Student, loads of important information for students

With additional features like Headlines, Bison sports, Emergency and Feedback.

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