Things we are thinking about

This page is intended to showcase ideas and/or feature requests for inclusion in the UManitoba mobile application. Feel free to post your feature request or enhancement here.

“Things” we are thinking about.

  • Prospective Student micro-app
  • Role based authentication so that the app is customized based on your role on campus, Staff, Faculty or Student
  • Staff specific view of the mobile app.
  • Push notification so that you are notified of emergencies or course grade updates.
  • UMLearn integration into the Courses feature
  • Single sign on.
  • A “My day at a glance” view. This will replace the login window as the default screen.


We would welcome any comments on how we can best improve the user experience on our app. If you have any ideas that you think we ought to consider leave a comment or email me, or better yet, submit a feedback via UManitoba mobile app.

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