Fr. Gordon McBride (1941-2010)

Richard Cosgrove forwarded the following announcement:

Longtime members of the Western Conference on British Studies will learn with regret of the death on July 10, 2010, of Gordon McBride, an early member of WCBS. McBride earned a doctorate in British history from the University of Cincinnati with a specialization in Tudor history. In the 1970s he was an associate professor of history at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. He left this position to study for the Episcopal priesthood and was ordained in 1984. Since 1985 he served on the staff of Grace St. Paul’s church in Tucson, Arizona. His homilies combined both vocations with frequent allusions to history. McBride is survived by his wife, Dr. Kari McBride, associate professor of women’s studies at the University of Arizona, four children and eleven grandchildren.

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Welcome to the New WCBS Home Page!

The WCBS website was due for an update. This new site will be more interactive and will allow users to interact with other WCBS members.

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