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Threads in the Sash: The Story of the Métis People

Assistant Professor Fred Shore from the Department of Native Studies has published a new book of cultural history with Pemmican Publications, Canada’s eminent Métis publishing house: Threads in the Sash: The Story of the Métis People.

Drawing upon years of teaching Métis courses at the University of Manitoba, as well as at the University of Saskatchewan, Professor Shore combs the threads of history to explore and explain aspects of Métis history and culture – from the origins of a nation through the fur trade to the importance of the Red River settlement in Manitoba to Métis proliferation in Canada.

Combining meticulous research with an approachable, engaging style, the book answers questions such as: Where did the Métis come from? Why are the people who were once denounced as “half-breeds” now recognized as Indigenous people? How much of our province did they build? The book is expected to be a strong curriculum resource in addition to being a popular book with wider audiences.

Threads in the Sash launched this month, with several events taking place in Winnipeg. Professor Shore kicked off the University of Manitoba’s Indigenous Awareness Month on March 5 with a presentation based on the book. A launch and reading was also held at McNally Robinson Booksellers Grant Park location.

Professor Shore is the second longest serving faculty member in Native Studies, having been with the department since 1985. His experiences and research areas are many, but primarily include Métis history and political issues of Indigenous people throughout Canada.


Threads in the Sash: The Story of the Métis People
By Fred J. Shore
Pemmican Publications, 2017

Paperback $20.95

Available in stores and online.

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