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Academic Word Lists

Many students study IELTS or TOEFL word lists to prepare for exams, but they never see these words again. Building your academic vocabulary is one of the most important things in studying English for Academic Purposes (EAP). With a robust academic vocabulary your writing, reading, listening and speaking improve. In 2000 a researcher named Avril Coxhead gathered information from 400 academic texts ranging from textbooks to journal articles. These texts covered 28 different subject areas. From this information Ms. Coxhead created the 570 word Academic Word List (AWL). These 570 words were split into 10 sublists, the words on sublist 1 appear most frequently and the words on sublist 10 appear less frequently.

If you want to improve your academic English? Learn These Words!

Sublist 1

Sublist 2

Sublist 3

Sublist 4

Sublist 5

Sublist 6

Sublist 7

Sublist 8

Sublist 9

Sublist 10


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