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M.I.T. Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation Course

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has produced an excellent free EAL course covering Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation.

Course SyllabusCalendar & Textbook List

Video Lectures:

Lecture 1: Word Stress and Stress Compounds

Lecture 2: Stress Compounds, Sentence Stress and Rhythm

Lectre 3: Rhythm and Prominence

Lecture 4: Prominence and Student Debate

Download lectures from iTunes

Pronunciation Handouts (there are additional handouts online on the course website)

Adjustments in Connected Speech (PDF)

Common Intonation Patterns (PDF)

Compounds (PDF)

Intonation (PDF)

Intonation and Meaning of Questions (PDF)

Ordering Beverages (PDF)

Positional Variation (PDF)

Prominence (PDF)

Sentence Stress and Rhythm (PDF)

The Sound System of NAE (PDF)

Vowels (PDF)

Word Stress (PDF)

Download the entire course (.zip)

These materials were not created by ELC Learning Place. This course was created and managed by MIT.Yoo, Isaiah WonHo. 21F.223 Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation, Fall 2004. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare), (Accessed 12 Apr, 2011). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA


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