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Deadline for the receipt of applications and all supporting material: April 30th, 2012.
Decisions will be made by: June, 2012.
The Institute for the Humanities is soliciting applications for the support of two Research clusters for the 2012-13 academic year. Research clusters are groups of faculty and graduate students from different departments and disciplines with shared research interests. In 2012-13, the UMIH expects to offer support to two Research clusters. Research clusters should undertake activities related to the mandate of the Institute:
to facilitate meaningful dialogue on and exploration of Humanities-related themes across disciplinary boundaries
to foster and promote interdisciplinary research in the Humanities
to demonstrate a willingness to seek external funding for collaborative research

Successful groups will be awarded $1,500 (subject to budgetary approval) in seed money, which can be used towards the costs of meetings, photocopying, visiting speakers, etc. Clusters will also have access to space on the UMIH website and to room 409 Tier Building for meetings, and will receive some administrative support. As part of their activities, each group will be required to plan at least one public event for the fall term and one for the winter term during the 2012-13 academic year. Awards will be renewable for a second year providing that the group adheres to their application proposal, fulfills required activities, and stays within their budget.

Research clusters must contain at least two University of Manitoba faculty members from the Faculty of Arts, ideally from two different departments. Clusters involving graduate students, members of the community, or scholars at other universities are particularly welcome. Clusters may not include members of the UMIH Board of Management selection committee. Proposals must be on a humanities theme (defined in terms of both content and methodology). Current UMIH research clusters that have had one year of support are strongly encouraged to apply for a second year. Current UMIH research clusters that have had two years of support are welcome apply for a third year on the understanding that their application may be given lower priority than a comparable application from a newer research cluster.

Selection Criteria
Members of the UMIH Board of Management will act as the selection committee using the following criteria:
(a) the qualifications of the applicants;
(b) the significance of the proposed theme and its potential appeal to a wider humanities audience;
(c) the proposed activities for the 2012-13 year;
(d) the viability of the program and budget

Application Procedure
The following materials must be submitted to the address below:
a short (one page) curriculum vitae for each member of the cluster with one contact person clearly identified;
a two-page (maximum) proposal outlining the theme of the cluster and highlighting the original and interdisciplinary features of the proposal;
a tentative outline of the activities to be undertaken by the group with preference given to activities leading to a tangible scholarly event such as a workshop, conference, speaker series, or publication;
a one-page budget with all budget items clearly justified and indication of the potential sources of additional funds, if required

Application materials will be handled in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Manitoba). Please note that curriculum vitae may be provided to participating members of the search process.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of the Institute by email, to whom completed applications should also be submitted:

Dr David S. Churchill, Director, Institute for the Humanities
407 Tier Building, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Phone: 204-474-9114 Fax: 204-474-7596 Email:


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