UGME Accreditation Update

April 6, 2011 at 11:12 pm

Our UGME Accreditation survey took place April 3-6, 2011 and the surveyors acknowledged the remarkable effort and team approach undertaken by the faculty. We can all justifiably be proud of our many accomplishments over the last few years in preparation for this survey visit. The constructive self-analysis, and the ensuing changes implemented, have benefitted our students and our MD program.

I want to thank the following for their contributions and hard work over the last several years: Dr. Ira Ripstein, Associate Dean, UGME; Dr. Bruce Martin, Associate Dean, Students and former Associate Dean, UGME; Dr. Helmut Unruh, Faculty Lead; Dr. Samia Barakat, Associate Dean, Professionalism & Diversity; Dr. Chris Christodoulou, Director, UGME Curriculum; Dr. Keevin Bernstein, Director, UGME Curriculum Renewal; UGME course/clerkship and program directors; Associate and Assistant Deans; Keith McConnell, Director of Operations; Karen Howell, Project Manager; Ann Marie Aldighieri, Accreditation Assistant, Ilana Simon, Director of Communications; Carol Anne Northcott, UGME Program Manager; UGME support staff; Dean’s Office support staff; OPAL team; and Accreditation Task Force members.

I want to recognize the tireless efforts of sub-committee chairs: Dr. Brock Wright, Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs (Institutional Setting); Dr. Chris Christodoulou, (Educational Prog. for MD); Dr. Bruce Martin & Dr. Kristel Van Ineveld, Senior Advisor, Student Affairs and former Assistant Dean, Student Affairs (Medical Students); Beth Beaupre, Executive Director, JOD & Dr. Murray Enns, Head, Dept. of Psychiatry (Faculty); and Keith McConnell (Educational Resources).

I also want to recognize the hundreds of faculty members, clinical and basic science department heads, students and staff who have demonstrated tremendous commitment to the Faculty of Medicine, and indeed, to quality assurance in all aspects of our undergraduate medical education throughout the UGME accreditation process.

Students, led by MMSA Senior Stick Jessica Cudmore and Vice-Stick/Internal Mark Lipson, have also been actively involved in a parallel initiative to address accreditation requirements. Students bring the greatest insight into the MD program. Thank you for all of your input. I also want to thank the MMSA for its participation and assistance during the survey visit.

Increasingly, American and Canadian medical schools are challenged by the rigour and intensity of the 131 UGME accreditation standards assessed by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

I want to thank our six external surveyors for their vigour, thoughtfulness and commitment to excellence throughout the accreditation survey visit.

We appreciate the efforts of many of our colleagues on Bannatyne campus who provided excellent, and timely, service throughout the survey visit: Aramark Catering, Bannatyne Information Technology Group, Housekeeping, Neil john Maclean Health Sciences Library, Physical Plant and Security Services.

Our Faculty of Medicine viewed accreditation as an opportunity to enhance the education we provide, and improve accountability to the public we serve.

Accreditation should not be considered an end point, but a continual work in progress.

Join me for a Post-Accreditation Town Hall on Wednesday, April 13 from Noon – 1:00 p.m. in Frederic Gaspard Theatre. Questions and feedback welcome.