Congratulations to our 103 New MDs

May 11, 2012 at 9:03 pm

Our Class of 2012 Faculty of Medicine graduation held May 10 in Brodie Centre was a day of celebration and exhilaration.

Our province’s 103 newest MDs were honoured and feted by University of Manitoba President David Barnard, Chancellor Harvey Secter, Honorary Doctorate degree recipient George Yee [MD/60], the Faculty of Medicine, family and friends.

What made the University of Manitoba’s 133rd convocation ceremony so special? For one, our graduates are an impressive lot! Norm McLean had a whole cheering section of inner-city youth at convocation from Broadway Youth Outreach program, a homework club he attended in middle school that helped propel him toward post secondary education and ultimately pursue a career in medicine. What a great achievement and what a fantastic role model Norm McLean is to these kids.

Then there’s Lori Adamson, who grew up on a farm in Gladstone and was the first in her family to graduate from university and the first to become a doctor. She plans to go back to her rural roots and practice in a rural community once she completes her family medicine residency.

Navdeep Bhullar, a leader in the WISH clinic, and Mark Lipson, senior stick and a committed student leader throughout UGME, were honoured for their good citizenship, humanity and social responsibility. No doubt, they will continue to hold leadership positions as their careers unfold.

It was moving to hear HD George Yee, committed physician and philanthropist, reflect on his upbringing and education in his convocation address. “I feel privileged and honoured to receive this award from the University of Manitoba to whom I owe so much. I was born a galaxy away from academia,” he said of being raised on Henry Avenue. “I so admired the generosity of spirit of the professors and physicians who taught me… it was a true defining period for me.”

His message to the students was one of hope. “I like to think that where there’s hope, there’s life and opportunity…”

Valedictorian Calvin Bergen encouraged his classmates to be agents of agent: “Be the change you want to see. Make the experience better for the next,” he said.

In closing, he offered these words of wisdom: “Ghandi said ‘Be the difference you want to see in the world.’ Make our patients feel lucky because they have you as their physician. Be a physician with passion and compassion. Let’s be the difference.”

When I look at our newest physicians, I am confident the future of medicine in Manitoba is in great hands!

What was a highlight from your years at the U of M Faculty of Medicine?