Words of Wisdom to Med Class of 2018

August 26, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Medicine Class of 2018

Last week, I participated in my 5th Inaugural Day Exercises as Dean of Medicine at the University of Manitoba and each one has left me feeling proud to be part of this university- and this profession.

Our opportunity to usher in and welcome 110 new medical students is marked by ceremonies including the cloaking of Med I students in their white coats and reciting of the Hippocratic oath for the first time.

It’s also a time to impart words of wisdom to our future physicians that reflect our College’s missions and values. James Wilson, Commissioner of the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, encouraged students to “see the humanity in every partnership and relationship you engage in.”

Our keynote address was given by Dr. Daniel Klass, a leader in medical education, quality assurance and assessment. “The secret of caring for patient is through the care of patients,” he stated.

A physician for 40 years, he wisely advised the students, “Learn how to care for patients…medicine is practiced one patient at a time. Concentrate on the art of being a doctor.”


Smiles all around on this exciting day.

This year, we have 106 Manitobans and four out-of-province students in our College of Medicine Class of 2018. Eight students are self-declared Aboriginal (7 per cent) and 39 students (35 per cent) have rural attributes which include rural roots; rural work experience or rural volunteer experience. Four students (4 per cent) are French-speaking Bilingual.

We continue to work hard to recruit a diverse student body that reflects our Province’s population. Our goal is to educate and train future physicians who will serve all Manitobans across the province.

Minister of Health Erin Selby echoes that sentiment: “We know what a great history we have to build on, here in Manitoba, and I hope that many of you choose to stay and build on that history.”

Indeed, the College of Medicine has a proud history and tradition of excellence and caring for our community that began in 1883 – over 130 years ago.

Now we are bringing together the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Rehabilitation Sciences to create a single Faculty of Health Sciences that will position the University of Manitoba as an international leader in interprofessional and inter-disciplinary health education, training, research and practice.

We’re entering an era where professions are coming together – legislatively with a single health professions act – and reflective of today’s team-based health care delivery model.

Arlene Wilgosh, President and CEO of the Winnipeg Health Region, congratulated the first years, noting: “You are entering one of the best learning environments in Canada. The partnership between the U of M and the WRHA provides you with great access to many opportunities that are not found elsewhere in Canada.”

Indeed, as a College of Medicine, we pride ourselves in partnering with our city and province’s health authorities to provide undergrad students with a broad range of urban, rural and northern exposures and clinical experiences that will enable us to fulfill our responsibility to society.

What’s your advice to Med I students in the Class of 2018?