January stress? Help is here on campus

January 5, 2018 at 12:29 pm


In these early days of January, the new year stretches in front of us like a field of freshly fallen snow.

If we’re in hopeful spirits, we can picture ourselves making a determined trail across it, leaving clear footprints as we forge ahead with plans and goals.

But for students, this time of year can feel overwhelming. With the holiday break over, you may feel that personal worries and pressures have returned. January weather can contribute to feelings of isolation and discouragement.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. Everyone needs a listening ear on their journey as a student. We’re committed to providing the support you need for personal health and academic success.

Here on the Bannatyne campus, we have a one-stop service hub that offers free, confidential help to all Rady Faculty of Health Sciences students, including graduate students and residents.

If you’re feeling anxious or concerned about anything, I urge you to seek support at Services for Students at Bannatyne Campus (SS@BC), located at S211 in the Medical Services Building.

SS@BC is staffed by professionals who take a student-centred approach and understand the demands of health-sciences programs. Seeking assistance there is totally confidential and will not appear on your academic record.

You can receive free counselling and mental health services, learning skills development, help with accommodation for disabilities, financial aid and many other services. If needed, the staff can speak to your college on your behalf, with your permission.

Maybe you’re dealing with a stressful housing situation, relationship difficulties, substance use or doubts about your academic path. Maybe you feel you’re in conflict with someone here at the university and need an advocate. Maybe something is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Maybe you’d just like to tell your story to a compassionate professional. What brought you to your program? How are you coping? What could be working better in terms of your physical and emotional well-being?

SS@BC staff will welcome you, listen to your concerns and provide you with resources that will lighten your burden and help you move forward.

If you’re experiencing a crisis, SS@BC is there for you. But please don’t wait. Ask for support today, so your worries don’t close in like a January blizzard. The door is open for every student to sit down and talk in a safe, caring place.

You can take the first step into a healthy and hopeful 2018 by accessing umanitoba.ca/student/bannatyne, calling 204-272-3190 or visiting S211 Medical Services Building.

If you know a student who may need support, please pass along this post.

How do you practise self-care and stay balanced in the health sciences?