Bob McJimsey Prize Winner 2015

The WCBS is pleased to announce that the 2015 Bob McJimsey Graduate Student Prize was awarded to Ryan Butler (Baylor University) for his paper “Reformation Women and ‘She-Bishop’ Hannah More: Care for the Poor in Comparative Perspective,” presented at our October 2015 meeting in Austin, Texas.

Graduate student presenters at the 2106 Tempe meeting are encouraged to submit their papers for consideration for the Bob McJimsey Graduate Student Prize.

The WCBS offers a cash prize to the best paper presented at the annual meeting and submitted to the competition. Graduate students are encouraged to submit their papers immediately following the WCBS meeting. The deadline for submitting papers presented at the October 2016 meeting is 30 November, 2016.  Please see the Awards page for details.

Past winners include:

2014 (Calgary) Ashley Sims (University of Alberta) “Settling the Score: Petty Crime and Private Property in Early Modern Scotland.”

2013 (Kansas City) Mandi Barnard (University of Kansas) “Criminality and Ethnic Identity in Victorian London.”

2012 (Las Vegas) Ronnie Morris (York University) “‘On Liking’: Parish Children and the Transition to Apprenticeship in Eighteenth Century London.”

2011 (Denver)  Tobias Harper, (Columbia University) “`Bringing Together’, Falling Apart: The Post-War British Honours System, 1945-1980″

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