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Prepare for Success

The Modern Languages department at the University of Southampton have created an excellent tool for students who are studying abroad called Prepare for Success. This interactive website has a series of activities where students can learn what it is like and how to prepare to study in a new country using a new language.

Each unit engages students with a video or audio clip and a series of questions. Students will receive feedback and pointers on what to expect and how to adjust to studying abroad.

Here is a short video that outlines how students can use this valuable resource.

Important Topics included:

About Prepare for Success

Differences in university study

The language challenge

Ways of being taught on your course

Preparing for online study

Adapting to a new life

Studying independently

Academic writing at university

Critical thinking

Studying science, engineering or technology

Understanding course assignments

Using what you read in your academic writing

Your relationship with your tutors

Using study time effectively

Managing your course work

Taking part in seminars

Listening to lectures

Reading for your course

Skills for presenting in seminars

Working with others

Preparing for course work and exams

Settling down to study

Reading the end and taking the next step


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