5 on 5: AI in Healthcare

For April, we have 5 resources that explore how AI is transforming healthcare.

1. JAMA. Artificial Intelligence (AI).

2. The New England Journal of Medicine. AI in Medicine.

3. AMA. Augmented intelligence in medicine.

4. Yelne S, et al. Harnessing the Power of AI: A Comprehensive Review of Its Impact and Challenges in Nursing Science and Healthcare. Cureus. 2023;15(11):e49252.

5. Bekbolatova M, et al. Transformative Potential of AI in Healthcare: Definitions, Applications, and Navigating the Ethical Landscape and Public Perspectives. 2024;12(2):125.

Do you have a suggestion for future 5 on 5 topics? Let us know with an email to mhiknet@umanitoba.ca

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