5 on 5 Nutrition

For January’s 5 on 5 we are featuring resources on nutrition.

1. Indigenous Nutritional Knowledge Information Network

“We have learned through time honored tradition, the role and responsibilities we carry in our connection to food and water. We know these to be medicines and therefore family to the generations that have come before and the faces that are yet to come to this world. When we think of food and water as family, we honour a kinship that can be shared with our clients and our personal and professional development.” This page also includes recipes and webinars on Indigenous nutrition.

2. Canada Malnutrition Task Force – Resources

Nutrition resources for hospital care, primary care, pediatrics, long term care, changing practice, and subjective global assessment (SGA) – Diagnosing malnutrition.

3. UnlockFood.ca

“UnlockFood.ca is a bilingual, award-winning website brought to you by Dietitians of Canada. UnlockFood.ca is here to help Canadians connect with a dietitian and find the nutrition and food information that they need when they need it.”

“On UnlockFood.ca, you will find information on nutrition, food and healthy eating, as well as recipesvideos and online tools. There is information on hundreds of topics from A-Z.”

4. Ontario Dieticians in Public Health – Resources

“ODPH members work together and with other experts to create helpful resources and position statements related to public health nutrition. These resources can be used as a basis for public health-related programs, policies and health promotion strategies.”

5. Canada’s dietary guidelines for health professionals and policy makers

“Canada’s Dietary Guidelines set out Health Canada’s guidelines and considerations on healthy eating. The objectives of the guidelines are to promote healthy eating and overall nutritional well-being, and support improvements to the Canadian food environment”

Do you have a suggestion for future 5 on 5 topics? Let us know with an email to mhiknet@umanitoba.ca

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