PGME Accreditation: Great Team Effort!

March 7, 2014 at 9:25 am

Last week, we welcomed more than 35 surveyors and staff from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada to our Postgraduate Medical Education accreditation survey visit Feb. 23-28. We began our first day with an overview of the priorities and strengths of the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine and PGME Program presented by myself and Associate Dean, PGME, Dr. Cliff Yaffe.

A total of 37 of 50 Royal College Programs and the seven Family Medicine Programs were reviewed over the five day visit. The Surveyors commended the Office of the Postgraduate Associate Dean, and the engagement of Program Directors and Hospital Administrators.

Within Winnipeg, surveyors visited and met with faculty, staff and residents at the Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital and Grace Hospital, as well as the Pan Am Clinic, Northern Connection Medical Centre, Kildonan Medical Centre, and Family Medical Centre at Seven Oaks Hospital. Outside Winnipeg, surveyors visited Boundry Trails, Steinbach, St. Anne, Brandon and Dauphin clinical sites.

On Friday, February 28, the Chairs of the RCPSC and CFPC Surveys, each outlined their respective accreditation processes and jointly presented their preliminary recommendations, from the Team surveying the University, Faculty and Postgraduate Office (A Standards Team) and the Teams surveying the individual Programs (B Standards Teams) and College of Family Physicians Team. The final determination is expected in June 2014, following the deliberations of the Colleges’ Specialty and Accreditation Committees.

Amongst our strengths, they cited the leadership of Dr. Cliff Yaffe and strong clinical sites for teaching offering a variety of clinical cases. They were impressed with the VENTIS curriculum management system, and by the Clinical Learning and Simulation Facility and Skills Lab. As well, they pointed to Dr. Rob Brown, Academic Lead, Ventis as an asset to the PGME mission and to Associate Dean,  Professionalism Dr. Samia Barakat and Associate Dean, Students Dr. Bruce Martin as assets for the residents.

All Programs continue to be accredited, with 29 of the 37 Programs receiving recommendations for full approval, and eight Royal College Programs and seven Family Medicine Programs receiving recommendations for follow up within two years. Accreditation is not an endpoint but an ongoing process, and the PGME Program will incorporate the valuable feedback from the survey as the Programs move forward.

Over the past two years, many faculty and staff have worked extremely hard in advance of the survey visit. Special thanks to the Faculty PGME program staff for their tireless work and dedication. Thank you also to the Survey Teams and Staff of the Royal College and College of Family Physicians, and the following who have made significant contributions to the success of the visit:

  • Bannatyne Campus Housekeeping; Trade Services; Aramark Catering; Print Shop
  • Bannatyne IST Help & Solutions Centre; AV-Classroom Tech Support
  • CancerCare Manitoba President’s Office, and CCMB Communications & Public Affairs
  • Clinical Learning & Simulation Facility Staff
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba
  • Diagnostic Services Manitoba
  • Faculty of Medicine Dean and Deanery; Department Heads; Communications; CPD; 260 managers and staff
  • Family Medicine Clinical Sites across Manitoba; Program Staff; Internal Review Sub-Committee
  • Grace Hospital, Medical Administration & GGH Catering
  • Health Sciences Centre, Corporate Office & Medical Administration; Volunteer Services; Print Shop
  • Manitoba Ministry of Health
  • NJM Medical Library Staff
  • PARIM & Residents
  • PGME Program Staff; Accreditation Steering Committee; Executive Committee and Sub-Committees; Ventis Team
  • Regional Health Authorities – Northern & Prairie Mountain
  • Residency Program Directors and Administrators
  • St. Boniface Hospital Corporate Office; Medical Administration; SBH Catering
  • UGME Administration & Admissions
  • University of Manitoba, Office of the President & Office of the Vice Provost (Academic)
  • WRHA, Office of VP Clinical Services and Staff